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Electrical Parameters

Electrical parameters at STC(1,000W/m)2,25℃,AM 1.5 according to EN 60904-3


Module type[M]ES 170M36ES 160M36ES 150M36ES 140M36
Power Output[W]170160150140
Power Output tolerances[%]± 3± 3± 3± 3
Module effieciency[%]16.516.015.515.0
Voltage at Pmax, Vmpp[V]18.818.618.018.0
Current at Pmax, Impp[A]9.008.608.357.80
Open circuit voltage Voc[V]22.8022.6022.4022.30
Short circuit current Isc[A]9.458.988.858.67

Parameters of thermal characteristics

NOCT(Normal Operating Cell Temperature)[℃]46 ± 2
Temperature coefficient beta of Isc[1/k]+0.0006
Temperature coefficient alpha of Voc[1/k]-0.0037
Temperature coefficient gamma of Pmpp[1/k]-0.0045
Temperature coefficient (Impp)[1/k]-0.000%/K
Temperature coefficient (Vmpp)[1/k]-0.408%/K

Mechanical parameters

Weight (kg)12.0
Cell type (quantity/technology)36/Monocrystalline/156x156
Encapsulation materialsEthylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
FrameRobust anodized aluminum alloy
Front glass thickness3.2 mm / 0.13 in
Junction box IP ratingIP 67
Cable length/Diameter (ICE)900mm/35.40inches 12 AWG / 4mm

Working conditions

Maximum system voltage DC 1000V(TUV)/600V(UL)
Operating Temperature-40 [℃] ~+ 85[℃]
Maximum temperature15A
Max.wind load/Max.snow load2400Pa/5400Pa
Grounding conductivity<0.1
Insulation resistance >100M
Application classClass A

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